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These District Policies provide the framework and structure for all actions and procedures conducted by Sunnyslope County Water District. The policies are approved by the Board of Directors in a public meeting. 

SSCWD Policy Manual Table of Contents-No. 6000-10000.pdf


6000 Purpose of Board Policies.pdf6010 Adoption Amendment of Policies.pdf6020 Conflict of Interest Code.pdf6030 Public Complaints.pdf6040 DRAFT Claims Against the District DRAFT.pdf6050 Request for Access to Public Information & Copying Public Documents.pdf6060 Public Contributions.pdf


7000 Authority and Operating Principles of the Board.pdf7005 Code of Ethics.pdf7010 Candidate Expenditure.pdf7020 Board Compensation Policy 2.19.19.pdf7030 Duties of Board President.pdf7040 Duties of Board Secretary.pdf7045 Duties of District Auditor.pdf7050 Duties of District Legal Counsel.pdf7055 Duties of Members of the Board of Directors.pdf7060 Committees of the Board of Directors.pdf7065 Membership in Associations.pdf7070 Training Education and Conferences.pdf7075 Ethics Training.pdf7080 Filling Board Vacancy.pdf7100 Board Meetings.pdf7110 Board Meeting Agenda.pdf7120 Board Meeting Conduct.pdf7130 Board Actions & Decisions.pdf7140 Review of Board Decisions.pdf7150 Minutes of Board Meetings.pdf7160 Rules of Order for Board and Committee Meetings.pdf


8000 Computer Security & Information Technology Policy.pdf8050 Bad Debt Allowance Policy.pdf8100-8130 Purchasing Policy.pdf8150 Expense Reimbursement Policy.pdf8170 Employment of Outside Contractors and Consultants Policy.pdf8200 Budget Preparation Policy.pdf8300 Asset Protection & Fraud in the Workplace Policy.pdf8400 Customer Payment Arrangements Policy.pdf8450 Customer Deposits Policy.pdf8500 Leak Adjustment Policy.pdf8510-8520 Disposal of Surplus Property or Equipment Policy.pdf8600 Reserve Policy.pdf8700 Post-Issuance Compliance with Federal Tax Law.pdfAsset Capitalization Policy.pdfRecord Management and Retention Policy.pdfInvestment in LAIF Authorization (Resolution 395).pdfInvestment Policy (Resolution 396).pdf


9010 Improvement Standards.pdf9020 Environmental Review Guidelines.pdf9030 Annexation Procedures.pdf9040 Developer Requirements.pdf9050 Development Improvement Agreements.pdf