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Drinking Water Wells

Sunnyslope County Water District owns and operates five potable drinking water supply wells. Since its establishment in 1954, groundwater has been the primary drinking water source for the District. Water from each well is disinfected with liquid chlorine before it enters the distribution system. Well water is clean and safe to drink since the water is naturally filtered by the soil as it seeps past it. Regular testing of the water is conducted to ensure that it meets all health and safety regulations. The annual Consumer Confidence Report presents our customers with the relevant results of all this testing.

Due to the geology of the Hollister area, the local groundwater contains quite a bit of dissolved calcium and other salts. This gives the water a high level of hardness which can leave white spots on glasses or counters and cause scale to build up in pipes and appliances. There are no health affects from hard water and it is perfectly safe to drink. 

Groundwater is a vital source for the urban area of Hollister as well as the commercial agriculture surrounding it. As such, Sunnyslope remains a close partner with San Benito County Water District as they manage the groundwater basin. For additional information about how San Benito County Water District has and will continue to manage the groundwater basin, please go to the link below.