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Sewer Collection System

Sunnyslope owns and operates the wastewater collection system for the Ridgemark, Quail Hollow, and Oak Creek neighborhoods consisting of about 15 miles of sewer pipe and four lift stations. Wastewater flows by gravity from residences and businesses into the sewer pipes and manholes in the street. It then continues flowing downhill toward one of Sunnyslope's sewer lift stations. Lift stations pump the wastewater uphill through pressurized sewer pipes called force mains to a different part of the sewer system. From there it gravity flows either to the Ridgemark Wastewater Treatment Plant or to another lift station. There are lift stations on Oak Creek Ct., Paullus Drive, Sonnys Way, and Marks Drive.

Qualified staff regularly clean the sewer by flushing and hydro-jetting to make sure all the pipes are clear and the wastewater flows freely. When the pipes clog with grease, trash, "flushable" wipes, or other debris, the wastewater can back up and overflow out the manholes or in peoples houses. To prevent this, please only flush toilet paper down the toilet and never pour grease or cooking oil down the drain.