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Operations Department

Water/Wastewater Superintendent


Jose serves as the Water/Wastewater Superintendent. He is responsible for the overall performance of the water treatment plants and distribution system and the wastewater collection and treatment systems, along with all regulatory and reporting requirements.


Operations & Maintenance Crew Chief


Dee J. serves as the Operations & Maintenance Crew Chief. He is responsible for the daily assignment and management of operations work and crews, along with purchase of equipment & materials, oversee the CMMS program, and supervise repair and maintenance activities.


Water Treatment Plant Operators


The Water Treatment Plant Operators are responsible for the daily operation and control of the West Hills and Lessalt Water Treatment Plants to ensure that the potable drinking water meets all regulations and standards.


Water/Wastewater Utility Maintenance


Water/Wastewater Utility Maintenance are responsible for the daily maintenance and repair of the water distribution system and wastewater collections system. They also operate the Ridgemark Wastewater Treatment Plant to ensure that treated water meets all regulations and standards for discharge.


Plant Maintenance Electrician/Instrumentation Technician


Plant Maintenance Electrician/Instrumentation Technician performs maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair work on electrical equipment, instrumentation sensors, pumps, motors, SCADA, process control systems, and laboratory equipment.