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About Us

Sunnyslope County Water District was formed December 17, 1954 as a California Special District pursuant to the California County Water District Act, §30000 et seq., to furnish water and wastewater services to residents of the District in San Benito County, California.  The District’s water system serves an area of approximately 3.9 square miles in the City of Hollister and surrounding areas.  The District’s wastewater system (of collection, treatment, and disposal) serves a smaller area within the County consisting of Ridgemark Estates and the Oak Creek and Quail Hollow subdivisions.  The District serves approximately 6,440 water accounts, of which 99.8% are residential customers, and approximately 1,237 sewer accounts, of which 99% are residential customers.

The District is a proprietary entity and uses enterprise fund accounting to report its activities for financial statement purposes.  Proprietary funds are reported using the accrual basis of accounting and account for activities in a manner similar to private business enterprises.  The intent of the governing body is that the cost (including depreciation) of providing goods and services to the general public on a continuing basis be financed primarily through user rates, fees, and charges.