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Well 11 on Southside Rd near Enterprise Rd

May contain: playground and play area

Well 11 is located on Southside Road between Union Road and Enterprise Road. The well was developed in 2008 by Sunnyslope Water District and provides potable drinking water for our customers. The 175 horsepower submersible motor and pump can pump approximately 1,000 gallons per minute into Sunnyslope's middle pressure zone. An on-site backup generator ensures that the well can operate even if the power grid is down. Small doses of liquid chlorine are carefully metered and injected into the water as it is pumped to disinfect it and kill any harmful microbes. Regular water quality sampling and testing is performed to ensure that the water is safe.

Treated surface water from the West Hills Water Treatment Plant can be blended with the well water as it enters the water system. This improves the overall water quality by diluting the hardness of the well water.