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Ridgemark Wastewater Treatment Annual Engineering Report

Sunnyslope Staff must submit an annual report to the Regional Water Quality Control Board summarizing the effectiveness of the Ridgemark Wastewater Treatment Plant and the quality of the effluent (treated wastewater). The report also includes a water balance analysis to show how effluent is disposed. Along with the Engineer Report, as Salt Management Report is submitted. Historically, salinity (TDS, Sodium, & Chlorides) has been an issue for the effluent quality due to hard water and customer water softeners. The Salt report discusses how Sunnyslope is addressing this issue and working to reduce salt in the wastewater.


2019 Engineer Report2019 Salt Management Report


2018 Annual Engineer Report.pdf2018 SSCWD Salt Management Report.pdf


2017 Annual Engineer Report.pdf2017 SSCWD Salt Management Report.pdf


2016 Annual Engineer Report.pdf2016 SSCWD Salt Management Report.pdf


2015 Annual Report JAN15.pdf2015 SSCWD Salt Management Report JAN 2015.pdf


2014 Annual Report.pdf2014 SSCWD Salt Management Report.pdf