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Join our Board Meeting Regulary Scheduled Board Meeting - 5:15pm

INSTRUCTIONS FOR PUBLIC COMMENTS and AUDIENCE INTRODUCTIONS – The public may comment[i] on any District business, not on the agenda, with a time limit of three minutes per speaker. To make a public comment in person please fill out a “Speaker Card” and return to the Minutes Clerk prior to speaking.  When virtual meeting access is provided, please use the “hand-raise” feature and you will called upon to speak.  No action may be taken by the Board during the public comment period.

The person speaking is requested to fill out a speaker card stating items on which they wish to comment to be properly recognized during communications from the public and address comments to the Board of Directors.  A limit of three (3) minutes per speaker is requested to allow others an opportunity to comment.  Board members may ask questions of the speaker, but no action may be taken, and no discussion may be held on non-agenized items raised by the public.  The General Manager may refer the matter to the proper personnel for review.