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Water Loss Audits

water leaking from pipe

In accordance with SB 555, Sunnyslope County Water District prepares and submits annual water loss audits that were underwent a 3rd party review and validation. 

We are proud to report that Sunnyslope's water distribution system has minimal water loss. 

Water loss comes from two main factors - Meter Inaccuracy and Background Leakage.

Meter Inaccuracy

Meter inaccuracy accounts for the majority of the apparent water loss. The water meters that Sunnyslope uses are generally at least 99% accurate. Yet that remaining 1% inaccuracy can reveal itself as water loss. Additionally older meters can wear and become less accurate. To combat this, Sunnyslope has a water meter replacement program to replace meters that are over 15 years old.

Background Leakage

Background leakage is caused by tiny water leaks throughout Sunnyslope's system that are too small to be easily discovered. The water from these leaks never works its way up to the surface so no one even knows the leak exists. Because these leaks are so small, it is not fiscally prudent for Sunnyslope to pursue finding and repairing them. Whenever a leak is discovered, District staff quickly mobilize and repair it.

Annual Water Loss Audits

FY 2018/2019FY 2017/2018FY 2016/2017FY 2015/2016