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Water Conservation

Board of Directors Declare the Drought and Water Supply Emergency Over and Adopt New Water Conservation Measures - April 18, 2017


WATER NEEDS OUR HELP. We have the same amount of water today as we did when the earth was formed. Constant use and pollution threaten our water resources. For example, 600,000 pounds of industrial pollutants are pouring into our water resources every day. Experts estimate that non-point pollution, that is, agricultural and urban runoff combined with pollution by individuals, threatens our water resources more than industry. We can practice water conservation actions at home, at work, at school, and in any public place. We all have the opportunity to make positive decisions every day that affect drinking water. For example, whenever we notice a dripping faucet or see a sprinkler operating on a rainy day, we have an opportunity to conserve water by stopping the waste. We can also conserve water by buying recycled paper products. We can help protect our water resources by refusing to buy and use toxic cleaners and fertilizers. Have a free water survey done for your home, which includes: leak check, landscape irrigation evaluation, free showerhead, faucet kits, and water saving devices. Call (831) 637-4378 for an appointment.

For more water conservation information, call (831) 637-4378 or visit the San Benito County Water Resources Association web site.