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Sept. 15 Water Quality Notice - Slight Discoloration

Tap Water in Hollister May Appear Slightly Colored, but Is SAFE to Drink.

Residents and businesses in the Hollister area may notice a slight discoloration in your tap water. Please know that the water remains completely safe to drink. The water has been tested and meets all California Water Quality Standards for human consumption.

The color in the water is caused by the presence of the mineral Manganese which is naturally occurring in the surface water we get from San Luis and San Justo Reservoirs.  This mineral has no health impacts for humans but can react with the chlorine in the water to create a yellow or orange tint. 

Know that water professional are fully aware of the issue and are doing everything possible to quickly resolve this issue. 

For additional information, please see the Consumer Advisory below.

Sept 15, 2021 Public Notice Water Discoloration