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Public Landscape Irrigation System

May contain: machine and sprinkler

Project Summary

With the construction of new residential developments along Fairview Road, Sunnyslope is requiring that the developers construct an independent landscape irrigation water piping system. This system will provide irrigation water for public areas such as parks, schools, and roadside landscaping on the eastern side of Hollister.

The irrigation water will be primarily supplied by an existing District potable well in Ridgemark and will thus remain entirely potable and safe for any human contact or consumption. This is NOT recycled water. The well water contains naturally occurring minerals that contribute to high hardness and salinity, making it less desirable for domestic use. However, it is perfectly suitable for irrigation.

By using well water for public landscape irrigation, more of our higher quality treated surface water can be delivered to customers for domestic use since it is not going to that landscape irrigation. Because we have a limited allocation of surface water each year, it is important that it goes to our customers for domestic use rather than irrigating parks and school fields.