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DROUGHT! - Stage 1 Conservation

May contain: soil and wood

San Benito County Declared Drought Emergency!

Entering the dry summer months of 2021, San Benito County along with 30 percent of California's population is under a declared Drought Emergency. The county's normal annual allocation for imported surface water from San Luis Reservoir through the Central Valley Project was cut in half in April, then slashed again to only 25 percent in May. 

To make up for this shortfall, Sunnyslope and Hollister will be supplying more groundwater to our customers. This means that during the drought your tap water could be slightly harder, leaving more water spots on faucets, sinks, and glasses. The harder water is completely safe and has no health risks. Thankfully, because of decades of careful groundwater management by San Benito County Water District, the Hollister area has plenty of groundwater to temporarily make up the water shortfall from this drought.

Stage 1 Voluntary Water Conservation in Effect - Every Drop Is Important!

       Please Do Your Part to Help Us Get Through this Drought

Outdoor Watering Schedule - Set your irrigation timers to avoid watering between 9 AM and 5 PM since this is when evaporation is highest. Only water lawns and landscaping 3 times per week and only for 15 minutes. If water is running off on the sidewalk or street, reduce the run time or try watering more often in shorter intervals.

Washing Vehicles - Take you vehicle to a commercial car wash where they recirculate the water and capture soap and pollutants. If you must wash it at home, use a sponge and soap bucket with a self-closing hose nozzle to rinse. Wash it on the lawn rather than the driveway to keep soap and pollutants out of the storm drains.

Sweep Concrete Surfaces - Rather than hosing down your patio, driveway, or sidewalk use a broom or a blower to clean them. Just 5 minutes of washing with a hose can waste more than 30 gallons.

Fix Leaks - A dripping faucet or running toilet can waste over 100 gallons each day! Regularly check your landscape irrigation system for leaks you normally wouldn't see since it might water overnight. Call a plumber today to fix any leaks you find. 

Conservation Habits - Don't leave the water running while you wash your hands, brush your teeth, shave, or do the dishes. Take shorter showers. Catch water for washing hands in a bowl, then use it to water your plants. Only run the washing machine or dish washer when it is full.

Businesses - Restaurants should only serve water upon request. Hotels should encourage visitors to decline daily towel/linen service.